Baby is here!

January 12, 2021 in 15: Motivation
Baby is here!
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Author Notes:

Proxy170 January 12, 2021
BABY IS HERE! She arrived just after New Year's to officially have a 2021 birthday! Sorry I went AWOL for most of Nov and all of Dec, but uh...that belly...ooof, there was NO comfortable position to be in that allowed me to draw. As you can imagine, I will be taking more time off to focus on my family, but my goal is to resume regular page updates in March! Thankfully she's such a sweet baby that I haven't had any sleep deprivation...yet :)

Appreciate your patience! Please continue to stay safe out there.


Matt Knab January 12, 2021
Matt Knab
She's adorable Proxy, congratulations! :D
Proxy170 February 17, 2021
Thanks Matt! :D I dunno how you've remained so productive after having a kid, it's SO hard to not want to just stare at her cute face all day XD
HeSerpenty January 12, 2021
OMG she's GOORGEEOUS!! COngratulations! I'm so happy for you!!!
Proxy170 February 17, 2021
Thanks so much, Serpy! ^_^ She takes more after her daddy though so I'll have to thank him for her looks haha
melaredblu January 12, 2021
Congratulations! She's beautiful and I'm glad to hear that all is well. I hope the very best for you and your family.
Proxy170 February 17, 2021
Thank you! It's been a fun 6 weeks so far. Totally not ready to go back to work lol.
DLKmusic January 13, 2021
She's a beautiful l'il burrito!!!! Congratulations, and It's good to see that both you and she are healthy!

Don't worry about us, we ain't goin nowhere! Take your time with her, because there are a truckload of firsts coming up for both of you! Spend your time enjoying these firsts!

I'll just sit over here and gush quietly now, cause I don't want to wake her....
Proxy170 February 17, 2021
hehe thanks DLK! You are very right, lots of firsts with each day being unique! And don't worry about waking her, she sleeps soooo well haha. Definitely got "easy mode" baby!
sigpig January 13, 2021
You know, I was thinking last night that it's been a while since there was a P.A. update, and I was hoping you were doing alright with the little parasite.
Congrats on a beautiful baby girl Proxy!
Proxy170 February 17, 2021
haha thank you!! And yes "parasite" was a very apt name by the end of the pregnancy XD Much easier to handle on the outside lol
landxsky January 30, 2021
Proxy170 February 17, 2021
Thank you! <3