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October 20, 2019 in 13: Revelations
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Proxy170 October 20, 2019 edit delete
Sorry guys, I had planned to make something else the first web exclusive bonus content, but didn't get it done in time.

At the expense of my pride, here is an embarassing history of PA's art. Hopefully you find it entertaining XD

The story of Book 3 is pretty much solidified, so I'm going to start paging and hope for a return of normal updates in Dec, but Jan 2020 at the LATEST. I've just been very busy with work and military schooling, sorry!


TheD-Wrek October 20, 2019 edit delete reply
This was an awesome little bonus. It's cool to see your progression as an artist, Prox. Love this.

Here's to more PA in the future.

Proxy170 November 5, 2019 edit delete reply
Thanks so much, D! Especially for sticking around since the beginning :)
sigpig October 21, 2019 edit delete reply
"At the expense of my pride"?
Proxy, you should be incredibly proud of what you have accomplished!
Proxy170 November 5, 2019 edit delete reply
Awww thanks, sigpig! Those first pics are just so cringeworthy, it's hard NOT to be embarassed XD But it is nice to see that I've gotten this far!
CTM_Universe October 22, 2019 edit delete reply
This was really cool! I love seeing artistic history!
Proxy170 November 5, 2019 edit delete reply
Thank you! I find it's always good to look back and remember where you started.