Book 2 Bonus Page 4

September 19, 2019 in 13: Revelations
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Book 2 Bonus Page 4
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Author Notes:

Proxy170 September 19, 2019 edit delete
I find writing these abilities down always helps keep me in check with what they can/cannot do. I don't want to create inconsistencies, although it's easy to do.


DLKmusic September 19, 2019 edit delete reply
three major abilities that you've already displayed arent listed here. will there be more on healing, telekinesis, and shapehanging, or are these isolated anomalities?
Proxy170 October 4, 2019 edit delete reply
I list abilities at the end of the books they are first seen in. These abilities only first appeared in this book, but the others you speak of first appeared in book 1, so were listed in Book 1's bonus content here.

I've been meaning to update those Book 1 descriptions for a while, but like many things it's kinda been put off!

And sorry for the delayed response, I've been way too far behind on comic stuff!