Book 2 Bonus Page 1

August 8, 2019 in 13: Revelations
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Book 2 Bonus Page 1
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Author Notes:

Proxy170 August 8, 2019 edit delete
Tidbits of info! Again, if there's anything specific you want to see as a fan service sort of bonus (i.e. Q&A, pictures, etc) let me know!


DLKmusic August 12, 2019 edit delete reply
Awesome again, Proxy! I wouldn't have thought to look for Dwrek, Hapy and Serpy at that party, but they make great background crowd!

Love the minutia here, but is there gonna be a pop quiz? I don't think I'm ready! (grin)
Proxy170 August 13, 2019 edit delete reply
haha thanks, and don't worry, no pop quiz! I just always think it's fun to put the random facts in, and since it'll be in the print version I figured I'd fill the wait time online with it as well!
DLKmusic August 13, 2019 edit delete reply
btw, I really liked the last page... there's kind of a reason (maybe not a good one) why I didn't comment.

That page felt kind of like the ending of an incredible Concerto, ending on a single note played by a flute, then fading into silence. Applause would break the spell...

That's kinda how I felt about the last page, a final note to this chaotic movement... I didn't have the heart to break the spell...

(just thought you should know)
Proxy170 August 21, 2019 edit delete reply
Oh my gosh, DLK, you say the nicest things! Thank you for saying that, I didn't expect someone to feel that way about PA! I know what feeling you mean...I get that feeling a lot reading Moth's comic (Raining Knives). Like you don't want to break the flow with a comment. But I really do appreciate your feedback! Thank you! <3