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April 21, 2019 in 13: Revelations
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Proxy170 April 21, 2019 edit delete
So sorry guys, but to say I've been busy lately would be putting it lightly! I'll keep working on the last two pages of this Book (yes, TWO pages left!) to hopefully finish updates by the end of May, then take the summer off to work on Book 3 before resuming in the fall.

But for now, here's the latest page! It marks what usually happens in Gundam series (a mid series upgrade/power up!) but you'll have to wait for Book 3 to see how it plays out for Claire. And yes, I totally was inspired by Sailor Moon make up sequences when illustrating this XD

On a personal note, with orders finally in hand, I can now tell you all...


Yep! That's right! I'm headed back to 'Murica! XD It's partly why I've been so busy, and I hate to say it but my new job in DC is probably gonna be just as hectic. But we'll see! Thanks again for following along on my journey through making PA!


sigpig April 22, 2019 edit delete reply
So you're gonna be working at the "Pentagram"?
Proxy170 July 1, 2019 edit delete reply
DLKmusic April 22, 2019 edit delete reply
WB to the US of A!, and I Love the Doodle!!

of course, please don't fly in on an eagle like that nonstop... poor bird is gonna need some rest!

Also, if you decide to change your avatar again, this doodle would be a great candidate...
Proxy170 July 1, 2019 edit delete reply
Thanks, DLK! You don't know how much you REALLY miss things until you're back, and gosh I've missed a lot. Simple pleasures, man...
Matt Knab April 23, 2019 edit delete reply
Matt Knab
That sure SEEMS like a power up! Excited to see the next page. :)

I hope your move goes smoothly!
Proxy170 July 1, 2019 edit delete reply
Thanks! The movers only broke a quarter of my things, so it's not bad by military move standards XD
HeSerpenty May 13, 2019 edit delete reply
Omg you're coming back to USA? HOORAY! :D Congratulations!

Also 2 more pages left, wow!! MORE congratulations! The intrigue is really building up here! :3
Proxy170 July 1, 2019 edit delete reply
Thank you!!! I've totally caught myself just saying "God bless America" unironically at the littlest of things I've missed XD