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June 19, 2017 in 9: Focus
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Proxy170 June 19, 2017 edit delete
Couldn't help but draw some planes :) It's been a while! Much easier than cars, that's for sure >.<

And my poor buffer...almost eaten up recently! But hopefully the extra time spent on these pages was worth it?
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HapyCow June 19, 2017 edit delete reply
Ooh planes! Yeah I agree, planes are better than cars..I should really try to draw some cars >.> Anyway, ooh the suspense! I love the dialogue here :D
Proxy170 June 21, 2017 edit delete reply
haha do you want to go crazy? Because drawing cars makes you go crazy XD (at least for me)

And thanks! I debated a lot on Kat's last couple of lines there >.<
NeilKapit June 20, 2017 edit delete reply
As uncomfortable as it is to hear, I'm not entirely sure I disagree with her...
Proxy170 June 21, 2017 edit delete reply
Tough choices...although Kat might be a bit short sighted/not thinking of consequences.
Matt Knab June 20, 2017 edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Gah, is she dead or just unconscious?
A talented telekinetic with a willingness to kill is a dangerous thing. I forget, have we seen whether or not her ability can affect living tissue? There are lots of things she could do to a person with as little effort as pinching fingers together. Apply pressure to the right place, she could blind, deafen, cause vertigo or death.
Proxy170 June 21, 2017 edit delete reply
I've actually purposely let it be ambiguous, but I promise it will be clear on her health status the next time we see her.

I haven't really explained the extent of her powers, but basically she can manipulate things at a macroscopic level--meaning she has to be able to see what she's doing. So she's limited in the sense that unless she can see the organ, she can't harm it. But if she can see it, she can put any amount of force to it, and as specific as she wants. Less talented telekinetics are kinda like watching babies move things with simple gross motor gets done, but not very precise XD
HeSerpenty June 21, 2017 edit delete reply
Looking back on last page... I'm thinking Kat just broke her neck and she dead :'D.....combined with that "no mercy" comment--- she I'm thinkin she dead X"D

WOO boy the intensity levels have just drastically increased!
Proxy170 June 21, 2017 edit delete reply
Hm I'll leave that up to interpretation XD

And I'm glad to hear! Things should be picking up in intensity here for everyone, so I'm glad it's coming across so far.
rufiangel June 24, 2017 edit delete reply
I know this is SO not the main point of this page but omg the hair looks gorgeous on every panel XD Yvonne's hair spilling over the floor, Kat's hair being pulled into a ponytail, so pretty <3 lol XD

Looks like Kat's making a clean getaway, which is a relief. (Well, cleaner than getting wounded or killed, I mean. XD;) I just hope Yvonne didn't drop a tracker anywhere on her belongings.
Proxy170 June 24, 2017 edit delete reply
LOL not the point of the page but SO happy to hear! I wasn't really focusing much on Kat's hair here but for Yvonne's I was definitely trying to get more flow ^_^

And yes, she is indeed making a clean getaway, but the result of this encounter is yet to be determined ^_^