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December 13, 2018 in 13: Revelations
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Pg 249
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Author Notes:

Proxy170 December 13, 2018 edit delete
Guys...we're finally here...the page I've waited a LONG time to draw!

I'm sure some readers of PA saw this coming (sigpig and Serpy probably!) After all, there are a few obvious hints such as this. If there was ever a time I would recommend a re-read, this would be it! I think you'll see a lot of the story in a different light :)

I'll be posting a more formal request for feedback over the holidays, but if you guys have any theories, conclusions, or questions, I'd REALLY like to hear them in the comments below or via PM! I'll be using your feedback to help trim down and refine the upcoming chapters. If you all have already connected the secondary dots, I'd rather not spend extra chapters painting a picture you can already see!

Finally, I'll leave you guys with the first Chapter 13 cover I had made in 2008 before I altered the story a bit. People who followed me on dA way back when may have seen it before I took it down.

Seriously, thank you guys so much for supporting me so I can finally get here. It's a huge weight off my heart now that this secret is out. And we're not even done :)
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CiciEnixa December 13, 2018 edit delete reply
Oh crap. I mean with all the secrecy and mystery around Christina, I'm not surprised, but... crap.

(Though for like the briefest moment, I thought he made himself look like Christina to impersonate her later and also went "crap" XD I'm doing a reread when I can. Damn it.)